The celebrated music of Paula Vogel’s Tony Award Winning Broadway play, Indecent is now available to license!

Composed and arranged by Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva, the award winning and revered score is rich with “sumptuous Klezmer textures” (LA Times). Whether you plan to fully integrate musicians and choreography into your production or utilize the music and musicians solely as underscoring, you will be able to bring the full musical score to life! 

Created along with Rebecca Taichman’s award winning productions of Indecent, these new editions of the score (prepared during the Guthrie Theater’s production, directed by Wendy Goldberg) are designed to benefit all productions. 

The basic licensing package, available with the play through Dramatists Play Services, consists of: orchestral books, a full score, and vocal book.

Rehearsal aids may be purchased directly from the composers. These include instructional videos and video conferencing with the original broadway musicians (to assist with the Jewish and other musical stylings), accordion technical FAQ sheet, and slowly spoken recordings of the Yiddish and German text and lyrics (recorded by Moishe Rosenfeld in the dialects chosen for the Broadway production), making the music easy to implement in any vision and production of Indecent. 

Also available are approved alternate cues of varying lengths.

“The music composed and arranged for INDECENT by Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva is not just a score. It’s an exquisite heartbeat of the show, so transportive, so much a spirit that it is indeed a member of the cast.  I cannot imagine the play without this music that has haunted me from the start in our first New Haven rehearsal at Yale. It grows, it changes, as all great scene partners do, according to the ensemble, the audience, the company: it was as much a heartbeat at the Guthrie Theatre as it was on Broadway.It will continue to transport us throughout the companies and the years, I know, as it did in our first rehearsal hall.  The music allows me to dance, to celebrate, and to yearn. I am grateful.”

– Paula Vogel

“The music that Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva composed for INDECENT was integral to the storytelling of the play; stunning, evocative and haunting, it mesmerized and moved the audience.  Their compositions, while gorgeously performed by our Broadway company, can definitely be recreated by other musicians, as evidenced by the stellar performance of our show’s understudies.  We are all grateful to Lisa and Aaron for adding their beautiful music to this incredible play.”

 – Daryl Roth

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